Anthem Homunculus 220

Topic Studio’s musical podcast Anthem: Homunculus is for the first time going to be available to all listeners, without a subscription. Topic Studios has signed a deal to release the show via Acast, giving it wider release than it has had since debuting in 2019 on the Luminary subscription platform. Anthem: Homunculus was written and composed by John Cameron Mitchell and Bryan Weller. “John Cameron Mitchell and Bryan Weller’s pioneering Anthem: Homunculus, a remarkable blend of musical artistry and fearless storytelling, transformed our understanding of what podcasts could be,” said Topic Studios President Maria Zuckerman. “We’re thrilled that everyone can now discover – and rediscover – this extraordinary work.”

The series follows Ceann Mackay (Mitchell), an artist who starts the world’s first online telethon to crowdfund the treatment of his brain tumor. The series has plenty of star power too, with actors Glenn Close, Cynthia Erivo, Patti LuPone, Nakhane, Denis O’Hare, Laurie Anderson, Ben Foster, Christopher J. Hanke, Madeline Brewer and others co-starring in the six-hour dark comedy and rock musical, in which Ceann realizes that what’s killing him may be the very thing that saves us all. The podcast also features a 31-song original soundtrack.

"Co-writer Bryan Weller and I are thrilled that Acast will be rereleasing Anthem: Homunculus as a free musical podcast series so that many more folks can enjoy our 10-episode, 40-character, 31-song musical odyssey,” said Mitchell in a statement. “Glenn Close sings heavy metal nailed to a cross! Cynthia Erivo preaches as a soulful revivalist for the Virgin Mary! Patti LuPone is a jazz-singing, strung out nun! Of all my work, Homunculus is the piece I'm most proud of creating,” he said.

Acast’s release of Anthem: Homunculus will begin on Wednesday (October 13) when the first two episodes are released. The remaining episodes will then be released weekly, each Wednesday.

In addition to hosting the podcast and distributing Anthem: Homunculus widely across platforms, Acast will offer the series a new opportunity to monetize through advertising and sponsorships.

“So rarely does a high-caliber musical podcast with an all-star cast come along for listeners to enjoy — which is why it was so important to us to make Anthem available widely, for fans on every podcast platform,” said Becky Celestina, Partner Manager at Acast.