Pocket Cast 220

Podcasters may notice a bit of a listening dip from the Pocket Casts app this weekend. That’s because the company has announced it will have limited capabilities during downtime scheduled for Sunday, June 16. The disruption is expected to begin at 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific and last about eight hours.

“Pocket Casts happens on many servers in many different data centers,” it explains to users. “Cross device syncing, finding new episodes, recommendations and lots more all involve servers in some way shape or form. We're extremely proud that most people don't notice this and that our uptime for these has been incredibly good. Every now and again though we need to make fundamental changes to how some of these servers operate to enable new features or fix issues.”

During the downtime Pocket Casts says podcasters will still be able to upload new podcasts, receive updates about existing ones on the platform, as well as download and stream them. What won’t work is such things as Pocket Cast’s web player and its Alexa and Sonos integrations. The app will also not allow listeners to set up new accounts or log into existing ones during the maintenance.

“Once our sync services come back online, your device will push all the changes you've made during the downtime to our servers and things will go back to normal,” the company says in the announcement. What’s behind the moves beyond maintenance? It says they’re working on some “exciting changes” that will be released in the future.