Pocket Casts220

The calendar says there are weeks before the year-end, but like Christmas music on the radio the tally of biggest podcasts of the year doesn’t wait for any circled date. The first of what’s sure to be many end-of-year lists comes from Pocket Casts, which says its listeners tune in for more than 10 hours per week on average. What were they listening to? 

Pocket Casts’ list of its most-subscribed-to shows in 2019 is led by The Joe Rogan Experience, This American Life and iHeartPodcast Network’s Stuff You Should Know. Here’s the full top 10:



This was a monumental year for Pocket Casts which moved to a free model that also has a premium tier that offers more features. Since May 2018, four of the most prominent podcast producers in the U.S, including NPR, WNYC Studios, WBEZ Chicago and This American Life, have jointly owned Pocket Casts. In an interview with Podcast News Daily in September, CEO Owen Grover said the decision to move away from a paid app model was to more closely align Pocket Casts with the open-access model of its public media ownership. 

“The whole ethos of public media is that it’s free and open,” said Grover. “We all believe podcasting should be an open ecosystem, should be free and we don’t believe in walled gardens.”

Check out the list of the top 100 most subscribed shows on Pocket Casts this year HERE.