For any podcaster who has wondered if their RSS feed is properly functioning, the newest tech update from the podcast hosting company Blubrry is for them. The company has relaunched Cast Feed Validator, a free service podcasters can use to ensure their RSS feed is working correctly. Blubrry says that it recognizes RSS feeds can be difficult to read and understand in a browser window, and its new feature offers a detailed but simple explanation of the feed.

“This updated Cast Feed Validator is helpful to any podcaster, but stands out for new, or less tech-savvy podcasters,” CEO Todd Cochrane said. “Reading and understanding an RSS feed is no easy feat, and this ensures that anyone can check that their show podcast feed is working correctly.”

The new iteration of Cast Feed Validator includes features that are critical for current podcast directory requirements, including multiple SSL certificate tests including whether it's trusted by Apple Podcasts, notification of Apple's new categories and additional notifications for regular RSS feed issues that most podcasters come across.