Podbean 220

The podcast hosting and monetization platform Podbean is gearing up for several events through the spring, ranging from live, interactive episodes of Podbean’s official podcast, Podcasting Smarter, to sessions on corporate podcasting best practices and live storytelling episodes on travel, love, and global perspectives. The company says its virtual events will showcase top podcasting experts addressing frequently asked questions and hot industry themes and a diverse range of podcasters sharing their stories.

The next event in Podbean’s lineup is Storytelling Podcast Week. It kicks off January 25 with returning host, Motzie Dapaul of the Hi Nay Podcast. It includes the “Podcasting from Anywhere: Podcasts on Travel Share Tales from the Trails” session featuring Jason Moore of the Zero to Travel podcast and Kelly Chappie and Lavinia Spaulding of the There She Goes podcast. 

Other upcoming events include:

  • How to Make Your Podcast Accessible: Podcasting for All Audiences, February 1
  • How to Produce a Podcast Like the Pros with Mouth Media, February 8
  • Love Stories: Live with Octavia Bray of Life with Leo(H), February 22
  • Podcast Ideation: Launching & Maintaining a Great Show, March 1
  • How to Benefit Your Business by Telling The Story of Your Brand with Pacific Content, March 8
  • Telling Stories from Around the World with the BBC Worldservice, March 29
  • New & Noteworthy: Hacking the Algorithm of Podcast Directories, April 5
  • Using Dynamic Ad Insertion to Benefit Your Bottom Line with Bryan Barletta from Sounds Profitable, April 12

Podbean is sponsoring and coordinating these events on their YouTube channel to make the content accessible to people all around the world. The events will also be available for replay through Podbean’s Podcasting Smarter and Storytelling Podcast Week podcast channels. 

“We’re excited about offering resources, live episodes and insight from top voices and experts from across the industry,” says CEO David Xu. “The events are designed to provide unique opportunities for connection and to be both educational and fun. The ability to collaborate and share such amazing content along with an interactive experience is important as the industry continues to grow and evolve.”