Podsights, the advertising analytics company that offers marketers attribution on the ads they place on podcasts, has just secured new funding from several investors as it announces it has also revamped its products, added new features and brought several new staff members onboard. The flurry of changes came wrapped with the news that it has even adopted a new logo.

Powering the changes is $1.5 million in capital Podsights has raised from four venture capital firms – Greycroft, Betaworks Ventures, BDMI and Rooks Nest Ventures – as well a group of so-called angel investors. Among them are Social Leverage Founder Howard Lindzon, MediaLink founder Michael Kassan, and Blue Apron founder Ilia Papas.

“It’s rare to come across a firm that has the potential to fundamentally shape an industry but Podsights is truly that,” said Rooks Nest partner Phoebe Arkell. “At every turn, we’ve been impressed by their deep understanding and genuine passion for what they’re doing.”

The group is already well known in podcast circles. Greycroft has previously invested in Wondery as is part of the ownership group of Glow.fm. Betaworks was an early investor in Gimlet, the app Breaker, and hosting provider Anchor. And BDMI has previously invested in Wondery, Art19, and A Million Ads.

Podsights currently works with podcast publishers including Wondery, NPR, Cadence13, Acast, and Barstool Sports. In a move that will be more obvious to those users, Podsights has also announced that it’s merging its Analytics and Research into a unified product that will allow its clients to leverage its analytical insights from the genesis of a campaign to its conclusion. That will mean users will have access to a database of more than 200,000 ads, classified by brand and publisher, that will tell a marketer where their competitors are placing their buys. It also offers attribution data so the marketer can determine the return on their podcast investment, whether it’s through vanity URLs or discount codes or through survey-based household reach and frequency data.

By integrating the pre- and post-buy components, Podsights says it’s allowing for some “interesting integrations” that will benefit the industry as a whole since it will help overcome the challenge some brands have when they decide to add podcasts to their media mix but don’t know how or where to begin. It says the goal is to change the current landscape where it has estimated some brands buy fewer than 20 spots before churning out of podcasting.

“We want marketers to have access to consistent, real-time data that they have come to expect from digital, tv, and radio,” it said in a blog post announcing the changes. “Podcasting doesn’t need more brave brands; it needs smart ones,” it added. The company also said there is “a lot more to do” and that’s in part why it raised additional capital from investors.

Some of those new dollars will help expand the Podsights payroll. It has hired Brigid Judge, previously Digital Audio Investments Manager at Horizon Media. She’ll join the company’s Partnerships team working with advertisers and agencies.

Podsights has also hired Samantha Rivera to work with clients from the brand side to podcasts to make sure campaigns execute as smoothly. She previously worked in client services at The Bite Agency. And Podsights has hired Pedro Garcia as part of its engineering and technology team. He previously worked as a lead front-end developer at Hadron.app, a startup that he cofounded aiming to bridge the gap between design and development.

One other change that Podsights has also just unveiled is a new logo. Gone is a squiggly line image and instead it’s adopted a kazoo as its mascot. “You all ruined logos with headphones, microphones, sound waves, speakers, and really everything to do with sound,” the company joked in its announcement, adding, “We are forging our own path, one that delights and doesn’t take itself too seriously.”