the killing of Jon Benet220

The true crime series The Killing Of is returning with a new 12-episode season and this time the producers are turning their attention to the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. 

American Media’s Broad + Water Studios and Endeavor Audio worked with John Ramsey, members of the Ramsey family, and their friends, to try to close the headline-grabbing mystery. 

The Danielle Robay-hosted The Killing Of: Jon Benet brings listeners inside a new investigation as a team of internationally renowned investigators, experts, and lawyers discover new evidence and new suspects. The producers say the podcast will feature new DNA evidence and a recently discovered list of unpursued prime suspects from the lead detective’s personal files. The series begins with an episode entitled "Christmas Tragedy" that was released today (Dec. 23) and takes listeners back to the early morning of December 26, 1996 when Patsy Ramsey dialed 911 to report the apparent kidnapping of her six-year-old daughter.

The Killing Of: Jon Benet is a follow up to the first season, The Killing Of: Marilyn Monroe. It is written by Dominic Utton, executive produced by Dylan Howard and co-executive produced by Tom Freestone, Doug Longhini, Susan Bennett, James Robertson and Andy Tillet.