Podcast.co is hanging the Open For Business sign in America for the first time this week when the U.K.-based podcast platform establishes its first outpost on this side of the Atlantic. Podcast.co says it is opening a recording studio in New York’s Lower East Side. It’s a partnership with the podcast content studio Stereotype, headed by ecommerce and retail consultant Phineas Ellis, and The Privy Podcast host Courtney Kornegay.

“New York City has always been the world capital when it comes to creativity, music and business,” Podcast.co founder James Mulvany said. “[We] hope to give a voice to those who have something to say, but don't yet have the platform.” He said the Stereotype studio not only offers a home for existing podcasters looking for a place to record, but it will also make available value-added services that Podcast.co offers its users, including editing, production and distribution of a show on its platform.

While it may be Podcast.co’s first physical dip into the U.S. market, the company has also aligned itself with New York-based Headliner. It specializes in creating videos to promote podcasts, radio shows and blogs that are easily shared on social media. Headliner provides Podcast.co customers one-click access to create social videos directly within the platform. That will make it easier to create video clips, what Headliner calls “audiograms” and other trailers for podcasts. Earlier this month Podcast.co also announced it had struck a partnership with Spotify to list all of its shows on the app’s podcasting directory.

Podcast.co was created by the same team that developed the internet radio platform Radio.co. That platform has grown to power over 4,500 radio channels in less than three years and distributes audio to more than 15 million people per day. It works with clients including MC Saatchi, Unicef, the United Nations, Whiskas, Soho Radio, Primavera Sound and Cafe Mambo. They aim to replicate the same model in podcasting with Podcast.co. They’re already working with clients such as IFL TV, Tap Management, Co-Op, Famehouse, LUYA, Kings Chambers, Slater Heelis, Book of The Future, The People’s History Museum, Intern Magazine, Manchester Digital, and Tech for Good, among others.