Acast Live220

As more podcasters turn to live events as a way to monetize their shows, Acast is taking steps to help clients bring their podcasts to the stage. The podcast hosting and analytics company has launched Acast Live, a series of events it will produce across London beginning later this year and continuing in 2020. The live shows will feature podcasts curated from Acast’s network of shows, including hits such as The Girls Bathroom and Pappy’s Flatshare. Acast says while the initial Acast Live efforts will be focused on London, it would like to expand the brand to other markets, including the U.S. in the future.

The company says the move into hosting live events comes in response to the increasingly important role that live shows play for podcast producers, not only to make money but also to connect with their audience. “Listening to podcasts is such an intimate activity, you feel like the hosts are your best friends so to suddenly see them on stage, surrounded by other like-minded friends, is such a brilliant experience,” said Acast’s U.K. Content Director Sophie Herdman. “It’s this shared experience that brings the dedicated communities behind podcasts to life, and we’re always so impressed with the engaging, and often original, formats podcasters bring to their live performance.”

Acast Live will be produced in a partnership with Dice, the digital media company best known for an app that allows fans to search live events and book tickets. Earlier this year it began offering non-music events on its roster, including podcast live events. “2019 is the year podcasts have gone stratospheric” said Amy Oldham, Dice’s U.K. Managing Director of DICE. “Our fans (and team) can’t get enough of them so when the chance arose to create a live podcast series in partnership with the best in the business, we jumped at it.”

Acast hasn’t yet announced any dates for the upcoming live events but says specifics will be released soon. Tickets for the shows will be available exclusively on the Dice app.