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Similar to the Super Bowl, the Oscar awards show brings out some of the most celebrated advertising creative each year. And in a first, when the show airs on ABC-TV this Sunday a podcast is going to get a high-profile plug. That’s because the New York Times has chosen to launch a new campaign featuring “The 1619 Project” at the center. Led by its award-winning podcast 1619, the multiplatform effort uses the 400th anniversary of when the first slaves arrived in America to take a fresh examination of how slavery changed the nation.

“No aspect of the country we know today has been untouched by the slavery that followed. America was not America, but this was the moment it began,” opens the spot which features actor-activist Janelle Monáe standing on a Virginia beach. The Droga5-created ad relies on audio as much as its sparing visual imagery. That’s fitting since the project not only includes stories on a special website but also the 1619 podcast. The six-episode series hosted by Nikole Hannah-Jones, an award-winning journalist who serves as a domestic correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, was awarded the Social Impact Award at last month’s iHeartRadio Podcast Awards. It was also nominated for Best History podcast.

The New York Times hasn’t announced whether any more 1619 podcasts are in the works, but it has said it plans to do more with The 1619 Project in the coming months. Watch the new TV ad HERE.