...The digital news site BuzzFeed is rebranding and refocusing the daily news podcast that it coproduces with the iHeartPodcast Network. The show will now be called BuzzFeed Daily. It had been branded News O’Clock since launching last April. BuzzFeed Daily will keep its “digestible” 20-minute format that includes headlines covering politics, culture and entertainment. But it’s focus will be less on hard news and more of a showcase of the stories on BuzzFeed. The podcast is hosted by Casey Rackham, a TV and film senior editor for BuzzFeed, and Zach Stafford, an editor-at-large at the site. BuzzFeed Daily will publish each weekday evening.

...Amazon’s entry into the podcast business has resulted in the company getting a seat on The Podcast Academy’s Board of Governors. It has added Amazon GM of Podcasts Kintan Brahmbhatt. Also joining the organization’s board are Amy S. Choi, editorial director of the Mash-Up Americans podcast, and Pod Save the People host DeRay Mckesson. The Podcast Academy also said it plans to announce changes to its executive committee next month. The organization's bylaws direct the Board of Governors to appoint a new Executive Committee annually, beginning in February. Starting in 2022, the Academy will hold annual elections to fill seats on the Board of Governors. All Podcast Academy members will be able to nominate members for consideration, and vote on the board members. 

...Triton Digital has grown its footprint in the fast-growing Indian podcast market. The company says the Red FM radio network has signed on to use Triton’s Omny Studio technology to power the delivery and monetization of its podcast network. That includes using Triton’s ad server to dynamically insert targeted audio ads into their podcasts, and Triton’s programmatic advertising technology to make their inventory available for purchase to media buyers around the world. In November, Triton signed a similar deal with the Indian streaming music platform Gaana.