… Gimlet Media has been named in a class action lawsuit that alleges the podcast studio failed to make its shows accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. Gizmodo reports the suit was filed in New York by Kahlimah Jones, who has filed more than a dozen Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuits during the past few years. Gimlet, which is owned by Spotify, hasn’t commented on the suit.

… Spotify announced Tuesday that it will begin publishing daily charts in 26 countries, including the U.S., of the most listened-to podcasts on its app. The U.S. is also one of seven countries where it will also feature deeper data with the ability to separate the top podcasts by show genre. Spotify will also offer a “Trending Podcasts” chart that lists the fastest-climbing, of-the-moment trends for podcasts with users. The Top Podcasts charts will list the top 200 overall shows in the selected region or category, and Trending Podcasts charts will display the top 50 rapidly rising shows. Podcasters releasing their own charts isn’t new, with others including Apple and iHeartRadio publishing their own lists of top shows.

… Latin recording artist Pitbull has struck a multiplatform deal with LiveXLive to produce a variety of online content, including Pitbull’s first video podcast or “vodcast,” which will be distributed through LiveXLive’s recently acquired podcasting platform PodcastOne. Premiering this fall, Pitbull will host celebrity guests as they discuss entrepreneurship, culture, music, inspiration and all things “Mr. Worldwide.” LiveXLive says he will be able to leverage his 102 million social media followers to promote the podcast. “Together we stand to prove the multiplatform approach to monetizing music through audio and podcasting, on-demand, live stream and pay-per-view experiences and merchandise,” said LiveXLive President Dermot McCormack. Armando Christian Perez, otherwise known as Pitbull, has already shown his media savvy. His multicultural marketing agency 305 Woldwide has partnered with the ad agency Horizon Media.

… The New York Times is working on ten new scripted TV shows and three feature-length documentaries, and executives tell Axios it was podcasting that led the newspaper into expanding its content horizons. “Five years ago, people didn’t know what to make of being asked to be on a podcast,” said Erik Borenstein, the Times’ Director of Audio and TV. “Now that it’s successful -- they understand the power of bringing The Times’ journalism to new mediums.”  Some of those projects have podcast components such as The 1619 Project. The podcast was given a The Social Impact Award during the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in January. It also won a Pulitzer Prize in May.

… Robert Dempster, host of The Positive Patriot podcast, is making the leap to broadcast radio. The life-long Detroiter will begin hosting a weekly Saturday afternoon talk show on Salem Media Group’s talk “The Patriot FM 101.5 AM 1400” WDTK Detroit beginning July 18 at noon. Dempster says his radio show, which will also go by The Positive Patriot name, will feature interviews with community leaders, businesspeople, artists and celebrities to discuss what’s happening in the Motor City and around the world.