News Bites 220

...Libsyn reports for episodes it hosted during August, the median number of downloads through the end of September was 136, up four percent from 131 in July. The numbers mean that if an episode had more than 136 downloads after 30 days, it is doing better than half the shows hosted by Libsyn. And 7.3% of all shows hosted by Libsyn had five thousand downloads or more, the “magical number” that some advertisers look for in downloads for campaigns. That was up 0.2% from a month earlier. Libsyn VP Rob Walch said on the company’s The Feed podcast that the adjusted mean numbers for August was 1,555. That was up from 1,501 in July. “The numbers are back to pre-pandemic levels for adjusted mean,” he said. The last time the adjusted mean numbers were above 1,500 in two consecutive months was in Dec. 2019 and Jan. 2020. He explained with fewer active shows in Apple Podcasts, median and mean numbers have gone up.

… Spotify will lose some of its reach on mobile phone customers using AT&T’s Unlimited &More Premium plan. In a message announcing the move to its customers, AT&T says Spotify will no longer be offered ad-free as of November 6. It is directing customers to signup directly with Spotify if they want to continue to use the service. The move comes as AT&T drops its WatchTV feature as of Nov. 30. While Spotify is being dropped, AT&T apparently is keeping PandoraPremium as part of its bundle.

Targetspot is capitalizing on video streaming services’ embrace of audio content. It has signed an exclusive agreement with Dailymotion for the commercialization of its new advertising format known as Audio Roll in four countries including the U.K., France, Germany and Spain. The new feature inserts audio advertising into online video. The ads will be accessible exclusively via Targetspot, both direct and via programmatic platforms. Vivendi-owned Dailymotion is the world’s second largest player to bank on the power of audio advertising, after YouTube. It works with 2,500 publishers and boasts over 350 million unique users on a monthly basis worldwide, including in the U.S.

 “In a context where internet users consume an increasing amount of video content, giving advertisers the ability to target the online video viewer with an audio format in addition to traditional audio channels, allows them to cover the entire user-journey and thereby multiply the impact of their campaigns,” said Bichoi Bashta, Chief Revenue and Business Officer at Dailymotion Advertising.

Deezer says it has seen a 61% increase in podcast streams on its app in the last year. It also saw a 40% growth of podcast active users in the same time period. The streamer says Society & Culture was its biggest podcast genre, followed by Comedy, True Crime, Music, and Education. “We have the most dedicated podcast fans in France, which takes the top spot in terms of podcast streams,” the Paris-based company says in a blog post. “The French are followed by listeners in Brazil, Germany, U.K. and Mexico.” But Deezer says U.K. listeners spent the longest time listening, at an average of 40 minutes each time. Whereas in France it’s more likely to be quick 10 minute bursts. “We’ve also seen that podcasts are more of a morning treat, with 10am the time that most of the world likes to tune in,” it said, adding that Germany listeners don’t follow the trend. Their favorite time of day to tune in is 11pm.