…Entercom has brought the Pittsburgh-based YaJagoff Podcast into the fold. The show, hosted by John Chamberlin and Rachael Rennebeck, will be featured on as well as the website for “Newsradio 1020” KDKA. In the podcast Chamberlin and Rennebeck talk with guests about food, entertainment, and current events in the market. The weekly show is based on the Pittsburgh humor blog,

…In celebration of the NFL’s 100th season, SiriusXM and Pandora will produce a 20-part podcast series titled NFL 100 Greatest. The podcast will count down the greatest NFL memories in five categories: plays, games, characters, game changers and teams. Produced in conjunction with NFL Films and voiced by longtime NFL broadcaster James Brown, the podcast will feature hundreds of interviews with celebrities and current and former NFL stars. Two new podcast episodes will debut each Friday night starting on Sept. 13 on SiriusXM NFL Radio and be available immediately after on SiriusXM On Demand and on Pandora. 

…The podcast hosting and technology company Simplecast has integrated Spotify listening data into its user dashboard. It didn’t come easy. The company explains in a blog post that unlike most listening apps, Spotify doesn’t stream directly from a show’s hosting platform. Instead, Spotify “ingests” the mp3 into their infrastructure. That means when someone clicks play on an episode in Spotify, it’s typically streaming from Spotify. That means companies like Simplecast are blind to the data since it’s not streaming the audio. After working for a few months with Spotify to gain what’s known as “passthrough” for all shows and episodes delivered from Simplecast, the company says it will now be able to gather and report all the detailed listener information for podcasts it hosts. The numbers will look different, however, since Simplecast will apply the IAB v2.0 standards that Spotify doesn’t. Simplecast says it will also apply its method of measuring downloads with their patent-pending tech. “Having Spotify numbers in your Simplecast Dashboard gives you a more holistic view of how your podcast is doing-with no need to manually maintain that spreadsheet,” the company said. 

…The startup Glow, a podcast platform that allows show producers to offer “memberships” to fans, who in exchange gain access to ad-free content, has announced it will give show creators the option of signing up for its service on a monthly, annual or one-time basis. “We’ve spoken to hundreds of podcasters, and one message we’ve heard repeatedly is that you want the ability to experiment with different monetization models to figure out what works best for you and your listeners,” the company said. In an announcement, Glow said it still believes the annual option is best for most podcasts since it gets listeners to pay up front for a year’s worth of benefits. “This provides you with better cash flow and reduces the chance of listener churn,” it notes. However, the one-time option may work for a specific project or when a publisher wants to charge for one time, upfront early access to a new season of their show.

…Coleman Insights will present the “Outside Thinking for Podcasts” webinar on Thursday, Sept. 12 at 2pm. The webinar is designed to help podcasters build stronger, more memorable brands, using Coleman Insights “Outside Thinking” strategy. “How do you get your podcast to stand out and cut through among the other 750,000 plus shows that are out there?” President Warren Kurtzman asked in a release. “You should start with developing a strong top-of mind brand, and we’ll offer tangible tips to help your podcast generate awareness and loyalty as well as ways to optimize your content.” Registration is now open for the “Outside Thinking for Podcasts” webinar HERE.