… There are plenty of podcast apps that focus on shows, so the just launched Repod is taking a different route. It has been designed to focus on episodes, allowing users to discover, share and discuss specific episodes of a podcast. “Not all episodes or series are created equal,” it says in an announcement. “To solve this, we specifically designed Repod for episode ratings and conversations. You can now cut through the noise, save time, and only listen to the best episodes.”

SiriusXM Radio says the podcast hosted by comedian Gilbert Gottfried and cohost Frank Santopadre will be added to its “Comedy Greats Channel” starting Dec. 3. And it will give satellite radio subscribers the ability to hear the weekly show a full week before the podcast is published under a deal with podcast creator Starburns Industries. On the show entitled Gilbert Godfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast, Gottfried and Santopadre talk with actors, directors, musicians and others about their experiences in Hollywood’s golden era and beyond. The first episode will feature an interview with comedian Artie Lange.

…A virtual conference designed to help podcasters navigate legal and business decision-making will be held Saturday, Dec. 14. The Podcasters Legal & Business Bootcamp will cover issues including why forming an LLC might be the right decision for a podcaster, protecting intellectual property assets and content rights, how to deal with ownership control and editorial disputes, and other issues connected to business relationships, transactions, and processes. See registration information HERE. It is sponsored by Firemark Entertainment Law, whose principal Gordon Firemark is also the host of the Entertainment Law Update podcast.