…Spotify is aiming to localize its podcast and music offerings by debuting city-based content hubs. Listen Local: New York will spotlight content that that celebrates New York’s culture and podcasts that give residents the information they seek. Curated playlists on the hub will share songs recorded in iconic venues and by iconic New Yorkers, according to the announcement. The hub includes playlists for each of the five boroughs based on the distinct listening habits of the Spotify users living there, although in a city where a Midwest transplant may call a Bangladeshi native a neighbor, that could prove to be the biggest challenge.

…Samantha Land has been hired by A3 Artist Agency as the first in-house podcast producer for the talent agency. L.A.-based Land will help clients develop their podcast ideas. “Our goal is to provide our clients with a creative outlet and viable path for their visions of podcasts,” A3 President Brian Cho told Deadline. “Samantha and the rest of the podcast team at A3 will help clients develop and manage podcasts through different variations of style, genre and approaches.” Land started her audio career as a radio producer for Cumulus Media in San Francisco, and then moved on to work at Audible. She most recently was a production executive at Himalaya Media.

…Buzzsprout has announced a flurry of updates and new features to its podcast hosting platform, including a new alliance with and Temi that will help make show transcripts available. Buzzsprout has also improved its Twitter and Medium embed features. It has also added more functionality to its mobile interface, including redesigned navigation that make it easier for users to check their directory listings, add team members and update podcast settings. There’s also a new paid feature called Magic Mastering that the company says is “like an Instagram filter for your audio” that will make a podcast’s sound more crisp, clear and well-balanced while still complying with industry best practices for overall loudness and true-peak.

…Rebel Base Media’s podcast hosting platform Captivate is offering expanded unique listener analytics for users to give podcasters a tally of how many unique listeners a show has had during the past day week, month, quarter and since it launched. “This is part one of an analytics upgrade aiming to make it easier to estimate your true audience size,” it told users in a blog post. It also noted the data is aggregated based on the IAB v2 guidelines.

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