white stripes220

Hipsters, unite. Third Man Records and Misfire have partnered to launch a podcast dedicated to the history of iconic Detroit blues-rock duo White Stripes. Striped is hosted by Peabody-winning journalist Sean Cannon, taking a deep dive into the group’s early years “by talking to the people who witnessed it all firsthand,” including active participation from lead Jack White.

In an email to Podcast News Daily, Cannon shared, “The project has been interesting, because this is the first real attempt to tell the overarching story of the band in full view of their legacy and impact.”

The first two episodes of “Striped,” already available for streaming and download via Apple Podcasts, takes fans through Meg and Jack White’s early years, with a young Jack practicing loudly in his attic, to The White Stripes wowing tour-mates Pavement in late 1999, plus interviews with members of The MC5, The Raconteurs, The Detroit Cobras, The Dirtbombs, The Soledad Brothers and filmmaker Lance Bangs.

Third Man co-founder and White Stripes archivist Ben Blackwell compiled much of the material for the new podcast. “Lately I’ve been afraid of getting in a car crash and having my last dying words be ‘sh*t, I really should’ve gotten the White Stripes story down for posterity,’” Blackwell said in a release. “This is my attempt to avail myself to somewhat less lame last words.”

The official description of the podcast reads as follows: “Two decades ago, The White Stripes hit the scene in a real way. Jack and Meg White dropped their debut album, blew minds, toured with Pavement and sowed the seeds for worldwide rock and roll domination — with some bumps along the way. You'll hear that story from the people who witnessed it firsthand.”