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Two new podcast studios have formed a joint venture to work together as they create a slate of shows. The alliance brings together HyperObject Industries, the production company created by Adam McKay, and Three Uncanny Four Productions, the studio created in May by Sony Music Entertainment and podcast veterans Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer. The two companies will work side by side to create and distribute both scripted and unscripted podcasts with their first launches expected next year.

The multiyear agreement is an extension of an alliance that in September led to the release of the first show from Three Uncanny Four. The two companies worked together on a podcast that focused on the salacious life and death of Jeffrey Epstein. The show, Broken: Jeffrey Epstein, is an investigative podcast hosted by New Yorker reporter Ariel Levy who has been covering the story for the past three years.

“Adam Davidson is a brilliant mind and a true friend,” said McKay in a statement to Deadline. “When he partnered with Laura Mayer, one of the brightest talents in the podcast world and Sony Music, I seethed with jealousy. But now with this partnership, the last laugh shall be mine.” 

McKay, the Academy Award-winning writer/director/producer behind such films as “The Big Short” and “Vice,” will reportedly serve as the lead on the joint venture with Davidson and Mayer focused on creative duties. 

Davidson and Mayer called McKay one of the “most passionate and smart” podcast listeners they know. “He listens to everything. And he is a fountain of brilliant ideas for new shows. There are few people who are at the top of comedy and entertainment and also at the peak of thoughtful, substantive public policy storytelling,” they said in a joint statement. “The entire point of Three Uncanny Four is to work with the best people and create the conditions for them to do their best work. McKay is the best and we can’t wait to get started.”

McKay and Davidson have previously worked together on other projects, including co-hosting Gimlet Media’s Surprisingly Awesome podcast and Amazon’s limited-run video series “This Giant Beast.” Davidson also worked as a consultant for McKay’s documentary project “The Big Short.”