The Read220

The cable television network Fuse is grabbing the podcast The Read and turning it into a late-night show. The Kid Fury and Crissie West-hosted podcast has been picked up by Fuse Media as part of its new slate of fall programs. The half-hour show will air at 11pm beginning Oct. 11. And while they’re adding a television show, West told fans of the show on Instagram that they’ll continue producing a podcast.

The Read is a Loudspeakers Network show that averages 1.5 million unique listeners per month with more than 85 million listens worldwide logged to date. Its live tours across the U.S. and Europe help it attract a cult following. Fuse says Kid Fury, whose real name is Gregory A. Smith, and West will carry over several segments they feature on their podcast – like “Hot Tops” and “The Read” – into their television show, which the network describes as a “talk-variety” show that will feature celebrity and musical guests. “The duo uses their sharp, honest brand of cultural commentary and perceptive opinions to drill deep into the roots of the issues and stories affecting their millennial and Gen Z peers, from social justice and politics to dating and music culture, and everything in between,” Fuse says in the announcement. 

The Read is one of five new shows that Fuse is picking up. The network, which targets the multicultural millennial and GenZ audience, says the move exemplifies its strategy of leveraging both homegrown and acquired content that was born on digital platforms, and developing it into new shows for traditional broadcast television. “By migrating nontraditional programming to Fuse’s linear channel, we have blurred the line between ‘digital’ and ‘TV’ programming to create a diverse fall lineup,” said Fuse Media Chief Content Officer J-T Ladt. Fuse’s initial order for The Read’s television show is for a series of 10 half-hour shows.

Meanwhile it’s not the only television work Kid Fury is involved in. He is currently developing a comedy series for HBO about a 20-something gay black man navigating life in New York. Variety reported in July that Smith is serving as a writer and co-executive producer on the series.