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Can your employees feel part of a team and stay motivated when they’re not spending time together every day? There’s a new study that hopes to show you one way in which they can: through audio. The author, Colin Gray, believes research shows that listeners engage with audio in a huge way, growing to know and trust the host.

They’re very likely to take action on things they hear rather than what they read.

Gray says when it comes to audio, there are two real defining features of the medium, compared to text and video. The first is how strongly listeners engage with it. And the second is how LONG people listen.

Audio tends to get far longer attention and engagement than text or video, because it’s a personal, intimate medium, and it can be listened to while you’re doing other tasks.

Gray goes on to say good audio is far easier to create than good video, and holds more attention. Audio and text are about the same in difficulty, but audio wins out on engagement and impact. So audio gives the best results for the effort involved.

But his suggestion is to communicate with workers not just through audio, but through podcasting. “Offering your audio updates as a subscription-based podcast makes them ridiculously easy to find and listen to, and massively improves engagement with the content,” writes Gray. Since podcasts can be made “subscriber only,” a manager can create all-staff updates, small team updates or create any size group, then push new “episodes,” instead of relying on workers to find updates.

Gray’s full plan can be found at thepodcasthost.com