The intimacy of podcasts has attracted plenty of advertisers from the Personal Care industry. In fact, among the companies on the 250 Direct Brands To Watch list released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, only four of the 18 that made the ranker have yet to appear on a podcast. That 78% success rate—which is higher than any other product category—is only part of the story however. Magellan has just released its analysis of the category and says for podcasters it’s really a story of three brands.

“There are three brands in the Personal Care vertical that accounted for 77% of the overall ads,” Magellan says in its latest in a series of reports about how various advertising categories have performed during the past year. It says nearly half (48%) of the Personal Care ads have come from the oral care company Quip. Another 15% of ads were from Hims, best known for its ads tied to erectile dysfunction and hair loss products. And another 14% of the ads were from Dollar Shave Club. “Quip consistently advertised throughout the year, while we saw a slight decrease in ads from both Dollar Shave Club and Hims,” the report says. In a blog post, Magellan says the next biggest advertisers were Harry’s Razors, Lola, Simple Contacts and Warby Parker who each ran 3% to 5% of the ads in this vertical.

Magellan says its number crunching shows 12 of the 14 Personal Care brands bought more than one ad in a single podcast episode. For example, Dollar Shave Club often aired mid-roll and post-roll ads. Some even aired as many as three ads in the same show, including brands such as Simple Contacts, Candid, Warby Parker, Quip and Hims. The podcasts that personal care advertisers most often used were shows that fall in the comedy genre, the analysis shows.

The four holdouts meantime from the Personal Care category who have not yet tried podcasting are said to be Eargo, a hearing aid company; GOBY, an electric toothbrush company; Teadora, a skincare company; and Thinx, a women’s underwear company.

Download Magellan’s full report on the Person Care category HERE.