Scottish actor Richard Madden, best known to U.S. audiences for his roles in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and the film “Rocketman,” is teaming with “Succession” star Brian Cox in a new science fiction podcast. The QCode series called From Now is also being executive produced by Madden.

The show’s story focuses on the return to Earth of a lost spaceship, the USS Hope, which had been missing in space for 35 years. The lone survivor, played by Madden, disembarks mysteriously looking the exact same age as when he left. Following the ensuing media chaos, he finally reunites with his formerly identical twin brother, played by Cox, for a one-on-one meeting. What starts as a joyful reconciliation soon leads to dark revelations that threaten their relationship, and the future of humanity.

QCode says the six-episode From Now tackles a number of big themes and topics, including sibling rivalries and family loyalty; technological advances and the future of space exploration; climate change and human adaptation, and how we as individuals process “time” itself. 

From Now was directed by Rhys Wakefield, who created the podcast with William Day Frank. Wakefield directed the 2019 film “Berserk” and starred in the third season of HBO’s “True Detective” while Frank produced “Berserk” among other films. Wakefield will show off his acting talents in the podcast too, playing one of the supporting cast members. Other actors involved in the project include David Dastmalchian, Betty Gabriel, Jessica McNamee, Erin Moriarty, Lance Reddick, Elisabeth Shue, and Karla Souza.

From Now debuts Monday, December 21 with new episodes available each Monday through January 25.

Rob Herting, a former agent at Creative Artists Agency, launched QCode in 2019 in partnership with production company Automatik and management firm Grandview. QCode earlier this month hired former Apple Podcasts executive Steve Wilson as Chief Strategy Officer for the Los Angeles-based company. Wilson will oversee partnerships, marketing, distribution, and work with the QCode team on content strategy. Wilson’s hiring comes on the heels of QCode recently raising $6.4 million in new investor dollars in a round which was led by Sonos and C-Ventures. Since QCode debuted, it has released eight scripted podcasts, all of which have been No.1 in the fiction category and top 10 overall on the Apple Podcast Chart. The company also said that nearly all of its shows have lined up backers for adaptations for TV and film.