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From politics and a pandemic, there is a lot to digest. It could be why a new podcast hosted by a Catholic priest has raced to the top of the Apple Podcast chart. The Bible in a Year, hosted by Father Mike Schmitz, has bypassed shows like The Daily and Crime Junkie among users of the Apple listening app. 

"This is a true story about real life that I think even people who don't have faith would get a lot out of it," Schmitz told WNYW-TV. A chaplain and professor at the University of Minnesota, Schmitz has already built a following on his YouTube channel which is the second-largest Catholic YouTube platform in English.

During each episode of the podcast, Schmitz will read two to three scriptures. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes. 

 "Not everything in the Bible is pretty. It's not meant to be a children's story," said Schmitz. "One of the things the pandemic has done is making it virtually impossible to deny the fact life is uncertain. We only live under the illusion of certainty."

The show is being produced by Ascension, the religious-focused company that is also the publisher of many books, Bible studies, and other products from a Catholic perspective.