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Auddia has struck a deal with PodcastOne to bring its content into the podcast listening app Vodacast. Under the alliance PodcastOne will select four podcasts within the initial phase of the partnership, and create digital feed content for each new episode. Podcast hosts will also promote the Vodacast app through native mentions during episodes.

"The Vodacast platform is a wonderful complement to our other programming. It taps into our passionate fan base and gives them a deeper experience with their favorite shows," said PodcastOne President Kit Gray. "We are always looking for new ways to engage our audience and collaborate with advertisers; this partnership accomplishes both missions."

PodcastOne did not say which four shows it will use during the test. Its move follows a similar announcement last month by the Bleav Podcast Network to test six of its podcasts on the Vodacast platform. 

"PodcastOne is a titan in the space. Their content is beloved by fans, and we're excited to bring our unique platform of podcaster tools, plus the ability for users to go even deeper into the stories they love, to PodcastOne's loyal audiences,” said Auddia CEO Michael Lawless. “We view this relationship as another example of our vision of continued podcaster partnerships and content development within the Vodacast app coming to fruition."

Boulder-based Auddia rolled out the Vodacast platform last July with six podcasts running with digital episode feeds. In November Auddia released the first data about the five-month old Vodacast showing consumer engagement with the proprietary digital feed that correlates to the podcast audio. Initial results, which were generated across nearly 1,500 downloads of 100 feed-enabled episodes from 19 different podcast shows, revealed that almost 90% of users engaged with the digital feed when the feed is available and 35% of those users engaged with more than half of the total digital content in the feed. Lawless called the results “beyond encouraging” and said they reinforce the company’s business model. 

Auddia has opened the Vodacast platform to independent podcasters. That means they can now verify and activate their podcast on Vodacast which gives them access to the Vodacast Hub for free to create their own digital feeds. This includes the ability to create digital ad units that correspond with audio ads in their episodes. Digital ads in the feeds introduces a new revenue stream for podcasters which is shared with Auddia. 

Auddia plans a full launch of the streaming radio Auddia app in February. It says it will include all “major” U.S. radio stations on the customizable radio app. While there will be a free tier available to hear radio station feeds, Auddia is banking that users will pay a subscription price to gain new control features on the app. The $6 per month fee will give manual DVR-like functionality to skip content, pause, fast forward and rewind. For $9 per month they will have the ability to inject on-demand content into the listening experience. And for $12 per month there will be an AI-powered feature that allows for automatic skipping of commercials. 

Auddia, formerly known as Clip Interactive, began testing the concept in the fourth quarter of 2019.