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LiveXLive, the live concert video streaming service, is integrating podcasts into its platform for the first time. In addition to tabs for live events or music stations, app users will now see a “podcasts” tab as LiveXLive features new spoken word audio content featuring interviews, storytelling, music, comedy and pop culture coverage. The podcasts will be offered as a freemium for LiveXLive subscribers.

“As our subscriber base has continued to grow, we have focused on developing content that will appeal to and engage a diverse audience,” said CEO Robert Ellin in a statement. “With the introduction of a dedicated podcast category, the LiveXLive platform offers a new opportunity for discovery while uniting listeners around shared interests.” It’s a turnaround for Ellin who on a conference call with analysts in February said that he believed the hype around podcasting is “getting a little overblown.”

LiveXLive’s podcast launch comes with the debut of six shows:

  • My Turning Point features conversations with big names in music about the moment that changed their life and set them on their path to music stardom. It’s hosted by journalist Steve Baltin.

  • The Chop Chop will feature exclusive in-studio interviews with emerging hip hop artists.

  • Slacker Stories will showcase "chapters" related to various pop culture subjects.

  • Goes to Eleven will feature musicians ranging from Kelly Clarkson to Maxwell and Vince Gill telling the stories behind their biggest influences.

  • Sample City is a deep dive into how songs are constructed out of the riffs and hooks of other songs

  • The Weekly Comedy Thing is a podcast curated by John McDermott, the architect of "Blue Collar Radio" and "Comedy Central Radio” on SiriusXM Radio. It will provide a weekly look the world of comedy.

LiveXLive’s sister internet radio platform Slacker has already been testing the waters with podcasts, even though it doesn’t use the actual term. It calls them “series” instead. “It is really about original programming and I think brilliantly that podcasts are a unique way of trying to find the original program thing,” Ellin told analysts during the company’s most recent earnings report. “The game is very critical for us to be the thought leader and have the best original programming in the world,” he said. “Whether it's a podcast, whether it’s short-form content, whether it’s a documentary, or whether it’s a movie, our objective is to be an authentic voice in music, and certainly podcasts are another interesting tool to add to our roster.”

Ahead of the addition of podcasts, West Hollywood, CA-based LiveXLive launched a redesigned version of its app this month that brought together livestreams from 35-plus global music festivals with millions of recorded songs and hundreds of curated radio stations. Combining the personalization functions of its Slacker streaming platform with LiveXLive's livestreaming, the app offers one-touch access to podcasts, live events, audio streams, original episodic content, video on demand, real-time livestreams and social media sharing. Premium subscriptions include more than 100 on-demand advertising-free live performances and more than 40 live music events, as well as curated audio stations with unlimited skips.