New York Festivals 220

The BBC Panorama and Frontline PBS podcast I’m Not A Monster and the DMC Studio Argentina drama series Weightless were both named Grand Award winners at the New York Festivals Radio Awards’ 2021 Storytellers Gala.

I’m Not A Monster is a 10-episode series that explores journalist Josh Baker’s four-year odyssey to uncover the complex truth about an American family’s journey from Indiana to the Islamic State’s caliphate and back again to the U.S.

Weightless tells the story of a character who has reached a critical moment in his life and deceives himself by telling a story that is filled with emotions, memories, and sensations. “Weightless uses sound elements and song samples from different periods of the character’s life to illustrate his epic journey,” the judges said.

Gold winning podcasts included Alligator Candy, The Lost Kids , and The Followers: House of Prayer (USG Audio), Dead Memory Clinic (Welcome to Earth), Driving the Green Book (Alvin Hall & Macmillan Podcasts), The Secrets in Us (Loftus Media), Earth Eclipsed (The Lunar Company), Nut Jobs: Cracking California's Strangest $10 Million Dollar Heist (Audible), Dérives (Out of Control) (Radio-Canada/CBC), The Debrief with Major Garrett (CBS News Radio), The Battersea Poltergeist (Bafflegab Productions), and The Unthinkable (Radio New Zealand).

The BBC was honored with the 2021 Broadcaster of the Year Award.

“We’re delighted to receive the award for 2021 Broadcaster of the Year. We’re especially proud of the recognition from the New York Festivals this year for I’m Not a Monster, our collaboration between BBC Sounds, BBC Panorama and Frontline PBS, and Where is George Gibney? from Second Captains, but also of all of the teams and collective effort across the BBC that goes into making impactful public service radio and podcasts and bringing these stories to audiences across the world,” said Dylan Haskins, Commissioner at BBC Sounds and BBC Radio 5 Live.

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