The syndicated “Ace & TJ Show” is launching 3 Media, what hosts David “Ace” Cannon and Ritchie “TJ” Beams describe as a multimedia content package consisting of the daily morning radio program, its 24/7 live streaming channel, and podcasts.

The syndicated radio version of the “Ace & TJ Show” broadcasts four hours of content weekday mornings. “The Ace & TJ Button” is a 24/7 stream available on the show’s app and on the iHeartRadio platform. The pair is also launching a new streaming-only daily show called “Share Funny.”

In terms of podcasts, The Ace & TJ Radio Button Network already produces several podcasts, in addition to the on-demand version of “The Ace & TJ Show” and the on-demand version of Share Funny. They include Ace & TJ Total Recall, which allows fans to hear favorite moments on the show from the past few years. The other podcasts include Ace & TJ The Hangover, which gives an unedited and uncensored behind-the-scenes look at the show. There is also the Ace & TJ Ace at Large podcast and the Nerd News podcast. Others are on the drawing board, like a podcast called TJ’s People.

“The industry has made streaming an afterthought and throwaway and with our audience’s use of streaming exploding, we wanted to make streaming important and produce unique content to that media,” Beams said in the announcement.

The show said it would sell advertising across all three of the products as one with inventory in all three now part of all Ace & TJ syndication agreements.

“With the new demands on radio sales departments, we know having access to a multi-media package with various ways to access audience is vital,” Cannon said.

The show has been distributed by Premiere Networks since 2002.