Casey Adams, host of the Rise of The Young podcast that speaks with top-level CEOs and executives, has already become a best-selling author and public speaker at the age of 19. Now he is making his own business move with the launch of PodSwipe. The app aims to make it easier for podcasters to monetize their show by connecting producers with advertisers while at the same time helping shows find guests. 

The idea for PodSwipe was born out of Adams’ own difficulties finding both guests and advertisers for his podcast. He said he has spent hundreds of hours during the past three years sending direct messages on Instagram, following up on email, and finding unique ways to get executives on his show. With the launch of PodSwipe, he hopes to make that process less painful for all podcast creators.

The PodSwipe app will allow shows to create profiles to help advertisers search through and determine which shows they want to advertise on. The podcast profile section will also help guests find which shows they think they would be a good fit for. And there will also be a guest profile section allowing podcasters to sort through who they might want to book for their show.

“I’m excited about PodSwipe because it’s solving a major problem that many podcasters have, and PodSwipe is here to change that,” Adams said in the announcement. “Search through businesses. Search through guests. Connect with podcast advertisers and book guests on your show. Our team at PodSwipe is excited to help podcasters all over the world, and this is just the beginning,” 

Adams’ move into business and media came after he was hurt while playing football as a high school sophomore and spent ten weeks in a neck brace. He says during that time he focused on personal development which led to his launch of a snapchat marketing course to teach people how he was able to monetize the messaging app. That opened other entrepreneurial doors and eventually led Adams into podcasting.