Politically Re-Active220

Nearly three years since Politically Re-Active released its last episode, the podcast is getting a new lease on life. Hosts W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu will return for another season produced by Topic Studios and WarnerMedia Podcast Network. The show previously was produced by First Look Media and Slate’s now-closed Panoply division.

“We tried to stay away. But Hari and I are back. And this isn’t just for us. This is for all the listeners who over the last few years haven’t let us forget about Politically Re-Active,” said Bell. “Everywhere we went, every time we tweeted or Instagrammed they would remind us that everything we were currently doing was fine, but it was no substitute for our podcast. Well, we are back! And unfortunately, there is a lot to talk about.”

The new season will take on topics including COVID-19, ongoing racial injustices, the 2020 presidential race, and other political and social issues facing the U.S. It is set to debut the first week of October.

“There is rarely a day that I don’t hear ‘when is Politically Re-Active coming back?’ from a fan online,” said Kondabolu. For a podcast that’s been off the air for three years, this is incredibly impressive and proves to me that this was more than a podcast, but a large community of people who were inspired, educated, entertained and potentially healed by the work.”

The new season of Politically Re-Active will feature a list of guests including contemporary artists, activists, writers, journalists and political minds, as well as the podcast’s listeners.

“This podcast is a great complement to our portfolio of news and entertainment podcasts and is exemplary of the type of relevant, essential content that we look to provide to listeners,” said Tyler Moody, VP & GM of the WarnerMedia Podcast Network.

Topic Studios is behind such podcasts as the true-crime series Somebody and Missing Richard Simmons. “In our increasingly confounding world, everyone can use a sanity-check from Kamau and Hari,” said Maria Zuckerman, Head of Topic Studios. It is also set to release new shows including a travel adventure podcast, a series about phone sex, and an investigation into the assassination of Malta’s most fearless journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia.