Joe Rogan 220

One of podcasting’s biggest shows is on the sidelines this week. Host Joe Rogan took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce show producer Jamie Vernon has tested positive for COVID-19. “I tested negative, and the rest of the staff tested negative but we’re shutting everything down until we get an all clear from our doctor,” said Rogan.

Rogan said the episodes that were released last week were previously recorded and he had not seen Vernon for nine days until a brief interaction on Tuesday. “We’re happy he has a mild case but we cancelled all the shows,” he said. “I’m keeping away from everybody and testing myself and testing the staff every day until we’re in the clear.”

Staffers at The Joe Rogan Experience won’t return to producing new shows until at least next week at the earliest, according to Rogan, who said that will depend on when doctors give him the all-clear. “We may do some shows remotely and some shows with a substitute producer,” he told fans of the podcast.

After inking a reported $100 million deal with Spotify earlier this year, Rogan and his podcast relocated from Los Angeles to Austin, TX last month in a move that he said would allow him more “freedom” to produce his show. The spaceship-like studio, designed with video release in mind, has come under harsh criticism on social media. The designers are Austin-based, and despite the negative reviews they’ve only had nice things to say about Rogan for hiring a local team to build the facility.

Edison Research has made public some of the results of its latest Podcast Consumer Tracker. It shows The Joe Rogan Experience was the most listened-to podcast among weekly podcast consumers during the past year. Rogan’s podcast has been at the top spot since Edison began tracking show listening last summer.