Mark Moss 220

Mark Moss, host of the Market Disruptors podcast and YouTube series, will host a three-hour weekend radio show syndicated by Premiere Networks. “The Mark Moss Show” aims to help audiences navigate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – and understand why they’re important – while also covering the business, politics and financial markets. 

An investor, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency expert, Moss will explain why cryptocurrency is a technological revolution with opportunity and potential. Drawing on his experience building seven and eight-figure business and investment portfolios, Premiere says Moss will deliver valuable experience and perspective as he teaches audiences how to invest their money.

“Mark is uniquely qualified to inform and educate audiences on how to make smart investments, grow their money, understand the financial markets and prepare for the future,” Premiere Networks President Julie Talbott said. “He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. We look forward to sharing Mark’s knowledge and expertise with listeners every weekend.”

The show is available for stations to run between 6am-midnight local time and will be repurposed as a podcast on the iHeartRadio app. 

Moss added, “We’re witnessing the most important technological revolution right now – it’s the greatest ‘asymmetric opportunity’ of our lifetime. But to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to have asymmetric information and you need to know what most others do not. That’s what I’m excited to share with listeners each and every week, so they can participate in this revolution today.”

The Mark Moss Show podcast will be available on-demand following the airing of the weekend show. The podcast will be delivered in one-hour segments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.