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President Joe Biden had the most mentions on talk radio and podcasts according to an analysis of audio media by Audioburst. The AI-driven search and discovery platform for audio says it analyzed one petabyte of indexed talk content – which is the equivalent of 1092 years of listening – to rank the most talked about topics. Biden had 27,351 mentions across its sample. That far outdistanced second place Donald Trump. The former President received 16,797 mentions.

Audioburst says George Floyd, the Minnesota man whose death at the hands of police sparked national protests last year, ranked third with 9,361 mentions. He was followed by Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers with 8,032 mentions. And Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) rounded out the top five with 6,617.

Beyond just persons, Audioburst tallied what organizations hosts were talking about. The White House easily came out on top with 14,398 mentions. That was more than four-times the second-place finisher – the Republican Party, which netted 4,795 mentions. The GOP did beat the Democratic Party , which had 3,614 mentions. Sports rounded out the top five with the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox coming in fourth and fifth.

Audioburst says its AI technology listens to thousands of podcasts and radio stations 24/7. It analyzes and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of long-form content and cuts it into short form audio clips, called “bursts.” The bursts are then grouped together into playlists to provide listeners with a recommended content stream based on trending topics, past behavior, and defined keywords and interests. 

Audioburst is in part backed by $10 million in funding raised from ad agency Dentsu and automaker Hyundai who each invested $5 million in the company in 2019. Audioburst had earlier raised $15 million in funding.

In a blog post Audioburst also reports it found more talk tied to Apple than Google during the past 30-days.