Podcast promo codes have become an industry standard, but Spotify is testing a new way to deliver those codes to show listeners what the streamer says will make them more memorable and less repetitive. The company is testing a feature that it calls In-App Offers that allow an embedded link to be added to the listing for each podcast episode. When someone clicks through the link, the show’s promo code is automatically applied. The move means listeners won’t have to try to remember a promo code if they’re listening to a podcast in an environment that doesn’t allow for immediate use.

The razor brand Harry’s is the first advertiser to test the feature in the U.S. The Verge reports it will feature a link on the Last Podcast on the Left. The food delivery service Hello Fresh will also conduct a test in Germany. 

The test feature will add some clutter to the limited Spotify app screen space, but the company thinks it’s a worthy tradeoff since it will mean podcasters won’t need to constantly repeat the promo code in their live reads. 

“The average podcast listener has heard a countless number of ads ending with promo codes or show-specific websites, carefully repeated three times so as not to forget it,” Spotify’s Joel Withrow told Engadget. “In-App Offers makes it vastly simpler for listeners to redeem deals whenever they come back to the app, and we can all benefit from one fewer ‘w-w-w-dot’ spelling lesson from our favorite podcast creators.”

The test is expected to continue through the end of the year. Not all listeners will see the feature, however.

Jay Richman, the advertising chief for Spotify, told Ad Age he views it as “a hack” for a marketer to understand to any degree how their campaign is performing. “The engagement model today has the host repeat a coupon code or vanity URL ad nauseam to not just create awareness, but long-term recognition for a consumer to enter into a browser later,” he said. Richman said it will also provide marketers with the same sort of attribution measurement and targeting information that they get from buying a display ad. For Spotify, it also helps the streamer go after some of the digital ad dollars controlled by Google and Facebook.