The number of podcasts on broadcast radio may be growing, with even some all-podcast formats in the U.S. and in the U.K. but putting podcasts on radio is not a new idea. PRX Remix, the 24/7 format that mixes podcasts and other programming from the public radio company, now airs on 46 stations it said in a year-end review. That includes stations that air the weekly only hour “Remix Select” show and others that air the 24/7 stream on HD channels or in select dayparts.

PRX Remix launched on satellite radio in 2009 and then it made the leap to FM in September 2010 when Spokane Public Radio began airing the format on KPBZ (90.3). Today the feed includes a mix of big-name podcasts such as 99% Invisible to work from novice audio producers. PRX said in its wrap-up that 58% of the new work by and about people of color added to PRX Remix in 2020, accounts for 70+ hours of content. 

PRX has tracked monthly numbers of pieces produced or hosted by women and people of color since 2018. It also tracks geographic diversity to make sure it features content not only created in big coastal cities and also tracks age, and other special categories like students. “We know all creators are more than these identifiers, but we’ve found this really helpful to make sure we are open to the range of human experience in this country,” said Senior Manager Genevieve Sponsler in a recent blog post.

Among the other numbers PRX shared in the year-end update is a status report on the rollout of its podcast hosting tool and platform called Dovetail. It says more than 70 new podcasts began using the platform in 2020. They joined dozens of others who partner with PRX for podcast distribution, metrics, and advertising as creator-owned and operated independent productions.

When it comes to advertising, PRX said it served 1,238,523,327 ads through PRX’s proprietary ad injection technology last year. The tally included 426 podcast ads read by its announcer. The company also notes there were 26 health and wellness advertisers heard across PRX-distributed shows.

The company also called attention to privacy concerns saying there remains zero ways for PRX to identify a specific listener through its technology. “We plan to keep it that way as we uphold these values of listener privacy moving into 2021 and beyond,” said PRX in the review. “Rapid expansion and consolidation within the podcast industry feels similar to what’s happened in digital media before. Podcasting has the benefit of learning from those strategies to build a more vibrant future that recognizes that trust and privacy are not at odds with financial stability, but rather strengthened by opportunities that lay at the intersection of them.”

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