Luvvie Ajayi and Sean Rameswaram220

Public media production house PRX and Google Podcasts have been working for the past two years on a series of programs and events designed to increase the diversity of voices in podcasting, while also lowering the barriers of entry into the medium. The latest manifestation of that is the release of a ten-episode video series geared to supporting early-stage podcasters around the world. 

“If you’re thinking about starting a podcast but not sure where or how to begin, then our free Podcasting 101 series is for you,” said Kerry Donahue, Director of Training at PRX. “Each video tackles an elemental part of audio production.”

Dubbed Podcasting 101, the videos are designed to serve as an introductory guide, walking viewers through the fundamentals of creating a podcast. Primary topic areas include the key first production decisions to make, the art of interviewing, editing techniques, distribution and reaching audiences with intention. 

The videos are co-hosted by podcasters Luvvie Ajayi and Sean Rameswaram, who Donahue says use a warm and entertaining approach to the training sessions. Episodes advance from the basic “should I make a podcast?” and how to set a studio, to how to keep a podcast going. The videos are in English but will be available with Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi and Arabic subtitles.

The Google Podcasts creator program, which launched in Oct. 2018, has provided podcast production teams from Brazil, Kenya, Chile, India, Spain, Colombia, Lebanon, and the United States with funding and intensive training. PRX is currently working with a second group of participants. Each will also receive up to $40,000 of seed funding for their podcasts from Google.

“We aim to fuel the growth of podcasting around the world by providing the next generation of audio-makers with the tools and training needed to succeed,” said Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX. “In that spirit, Podcasting 101 is an important step forward in further opening the field to new voices. We’re proud to work alongside Google to empower creators of all experience levels.” 

Watch the series HERE.