Carl Goldman220

Podcasts are a way that radio hosts are expanding their show, even when they have a 29 hour, six-days a week nationally syndicated schedule like country radio-targeted “Big D and Bubba” show. Hosts Derek “Big D” Haskins and Sean “Bubba” Powell put that on display with their latest podcast episode when they interviewed California radio owner Carl Goldman, who has been in quarantine since mid-February after contracting COVID-19.

“I’m stuck here until my body is ready to go,” Goldman said on the show. He and his wife contracted the coronavirus while on a cruise in Japan. After returning to the U.S., Goldman spent ten days in a hazmat unit in an Omaha, NE hospital. “By second day I was pretty stable and other than my cough and a shortness of breath, I was fine,” he said on the podcast. He is now in a biocontainment center along with his wife – who didn’t contract COVID-19 – and that’s where Goldman will remain until he has three consecutive negative tests. “One of the things that makes this virus so powerful and such a challenge is, No. 1, there is no cure for it,” Goldman said. The 67-year old shared with listeners that he has a pre-existing condition that impacts his immune and nervous system, and as he recovers, he has agreed to undergo additional testing to help medical teams develop strategies to fight the coronavirus.

Goldman is the owner of talk station KHTS Santa Clarita, CA (1220/98.1). He’s been blogging about his health journey on the radio station’s website. In the latest post Goldman said he received his first negative test on Saturday, and he is now hoping for two more. “I am choosing not to get too optimistic. Patients have tested negative only to be followed by another positive test,” he said.

Back on Big D and Bubba’s podcast, the hosts asked Goldman if he had any advice for the public from his vantage point as someone who has experienced the coronavirus. “Be smart about it,” he said. “Wash your hands quite a bit and stay chilled over this. Stress is the biggest factor of hitting the immune system. The more you are stressed out the more you are going to be vulnerable to the virus. This is out of control. Take it one step at a time have the thermometer handy so it could be a comfort tool and just don’t panic out there. Don’t make that run on toilet paper.”