Radio veterans Jim “Jimbo” Kovacik and Robert “Scorpio” Michael believe there are tried-and-true radio lessons that can help podcasters attract an audience. They will work to spread their message as the pair teams up to create a podcast consultancy called Podcast PDs.

“Rob and I know great audio content. After all, we’ve created tens of thousands of hours of it. And we’re still doing it on our own podcasts and for radio station clients,” said Kovacik. “It makes perfect sense to offer all that we’ve learned as ‘podcast program directors’ to help cultivate ideas and create original podcasts that listeners will crave.”

Podcast PDs is a reunion for Kovacik and Michael, who worked together at the start of their careers at Radio One rhythmic CHR “97.9 The Box” KBXX Houston. Kovacik – known on-air as “Jimbo” – currently produces and hosts two podcasts: The Jimbo Podcast, which features radio, showbiz and business legends; and Crispy Coated Robots, a pop culture show. Michael has a radio resume that includes stops at the syndicated “The Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show” in Los Angeles and “The Donnie Simpson Radio Show” in Washington. He also played a role in the launch of the The Ron Burgundy Podcast for iHeartMedia.

The name of their company, which references the radio Program Director title, is intentional. In their new venture, the pair is aiming to work with companies to fine-tune their podcasts, as well as design new shows. “There are so many great ideas for podcasts. The problem is people don’t know how to execute them. Or they create a show that just sounds bad, so very few download it or listen. That’s where we can help,” said Michael.

Niche doesn’t mean unheard, however. Kovacik and Michael say their focus will be helping podcasters attract a mass audience.

“If a podcaster wants to attract advertising revenue, they need to attract listeners — and keep them,” said Kovacik. “That means you need to create great, high-quality podcasting content that listeners will seek out and then share with everyone they know. We know how to create shows that are extremely popular and remarkable.”