Radio Public 220

In a nod to research showing that three-quarters of podcast listeners find shows through web searches, the podcast listening app RadioPublic is stepping up its focus on raising visibility for shows on its landing page and podcast websites. During the coming weeks the company will begin showcasing any podcaster with a RadioPublic PRO-level account on any show page that’s a Basic-level account. “The promotion of PRO podcasts is rolling out in beta so we can learn how best to position and introduce potential listeners to your shows,” said RadioPublic Chief Product Officer Matt MacDonald and Content Strategic Ma’ayan Plaut in a joint blog post.

The opportunity to mine web searches appears to be rich. RadioPublic says millions of RadioPublic podcast pages already exist on the web, and by tapping those they’ll not only help listeners discover new content but also help producers increase awareness of their shows and reach potential new audiences.

When the beta test goes live, MacDonald and Plaut say a selection of PRO podcasts will be highlighted on all Basic accounts—on show pages and episode pages and in the embedded player. The shows featured will be selected at random. To prepare, they urging PRO podcasters to prepare by selecting at least one featured episode for a would-be listener to sample, write a logline for their podcast, and to highlight at least one listener testimonial.

RadioPublic was created by a group of public radio veterans in 2016 with financial backing from big-name media organizations such as The New York Times, Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund, American Public Media and McClatchy.