Random Order 220

How to celebrate the 100 episode mark? For 4YE Media’s hit Canadian comedy Random Order Podcast, the champagne will be shared with Acast where the show has moved for global distribution and monetization as it looks to expand its footprint from its home base of Toronto into the U.S. and beyond.

Co-hosted by brothers Jermaine “Jae” and Trevaunn “Trey” Richards alongside Sheldon Sabastian, since launching in January 2019 the Random Order Podcast features commentary on pop culture, past experiences, and everyday life in a free-flowing format that feels like a candid hangout. Jae and Trey had already developed a loyal fanbase over the past ten years by creating stand-out content on social media. The two have amassed more than 100 million lifetime views across their YouTube channels alone.

“We realized the potential of podcasting and our show specifically,” said Jae Richards. “We were confident in our content and just needed a supportive partner to help facilitate our podcasting needs, reach new people, and develop new revenue streams for Random Order Podcast.” 

Under the new partnership, Acast will further grow and develop Random Order Podcast’s footprint across markets and will distribute it widely across the open podcast ecosystem, allowing listeners to continue to access the show on whichever podcast platform they choose. Acast will also manage the monetization of the podcast.

“At Acast, we look for partners who bring a compelling new perspective to the world of audio — and on Random Order Podcast, Jae, Trey, and Sheldon do just that by bringing Toronto culture and lifestyle to the world,” said Narisa Ladak, Senior Content Development Manager at Acast. “These prolific creators have made a name for themselves by setting the conversation on comedy and culture and resonating with young listeners in Canada, the U.S., and beyond — all by bringing their authentic selves to the show.”