The racial justice conversation that America is now having has prompted religious broadcaster Moody Radio to focus on issues such as racial reconciliation, racial justice and multicultural ministry for its third podcast. The series Just Gospel will feature a conversation between Moody Bible Institute associate professor Dr. Craig Hendrickson and Rev. Ernest Gray Jr., along with insights from guests and religious leaders. Moody says the podcast will offer “a thoughtful mix of biblical teaching, respectful dialogue, and penetrating social analysis.”

“Moody Radio is committed to providing biblically-sound content that helps listeners live godly lives and equips them to discuss important topics that they encounter daily,” said Doug Hastings, Vice President of Moody Radio. “Leadership began discussing the idea for this podcast back in November 2019, with a desire to have honest and edifying conversations on current and important issues related to race and multicultural ministry.”

Moody Radio has slowly rolled into the podcast universe, launching its first show last August when the Brian and Jannelle Podcast debuted as a weekly extra to Brian Dahlen and Jannelle Nevels’ weekly morning radio show on the network. Then in May it launched Becoming Well, hosted by Drs. Deb Gorton and Mary Hendrickson — the wife of Just Gospel co-host Craig Hendrickson — which examines the intersection of mental health and Christian faith.

“I’m very excited about the potential this podcast has to reshape evangelical discussions around race, justice, and the gospel during these turbulent times,” Craig Hendrickson says of the Just Gospel launch. “By utilizing an integrated approach informed by meaningful biblical and social analysis, we believe that we can move the conversation forward in a meaningful, gospel-centered way.”

Gray, who serves alongside Hendrickson as host, is the pastor of Keystone Baptist Church and sees the podcast as an opportunity to discuss race and theology in America.

“We are living in unprecedented times,” said Gray. “As a pastor in the inner city of Chicago, I have always championed biblical truth and cultural relevance. The convergence of these two realities has provided me a keen awareness that they must fit together like a hand in a glove. As we encounter seismic shifts in our society on an almost daily basis, I bring my experience as a former educator and local pastor to bear upon issues that have often been avoided in mainstream evangelicalism.”

The 30-minute Just Gospel podcast will be released biweekly.