The Catholic TV Network is ringing in the new year with a new focus on audio – not video programming. The Watertown, MA-based network has launching Grexly, a standalone podcast division that will create and distribute podcasts on a variety of topics including not only the Catholic faith but also subjects like mental health and pop culture.

Adam Stone, Catholic TV’s Head of Creative, said their aim has been to create a space for Catholic listeners to find the content they want all in one place. “When we started looking into this we were coming from the place of creating television, which of course is our history. In television, there are limitations on the kind of projects we can undertake,” he said. “But as we rolled up our sleeves and started doing some research, it became apparent that by creating something like Grexly, we would have virtually no limitations. With Grexly, we could launch a home for Catholic artists and give them the freedom to push the medium as far as they can.”

Grexly podcasts are hosted both by in-house personalities, such as Tommy Tighe of Catholic TV’s Repent & Submit” show, as well as other Catholic creators that are collaborating with the company, like Boston College sophomore Olivia Colombo.

All Grexly podcasts will also be available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. It will initially look to support its podcasts through Patreon contributions, offering donors exclusive content and other benefits.