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Podcasts are free again on Amazon Music, as what seems to have been a glitch in the tech giant’s system has been cleared up. The Verge reports users of Amazon Music’s website this week began seeing a price tag for listening to free podcasts. It even showed a mark-up indicating what had cost nothing was now available for $8.95. The website said that price tag included a discount with an Audible subscription. 

The Verge says users were never focused to pay in order to listen to a podcast. When someone clicked on a podcast, they were able to listen to a show for free without a subscription. The problem was reportedly only on the website and only if someone was logged into their Amazon account. Mobile users did not see the price. The Verge said after it reached out to the company to find out what was going on, the prices disappeared. 

It is also worth noting that the $8.95 price tag does not align with what Audible charges. Audible Plus carries a $7.95 price tag and will sit alongside Audible’s premium credit-based subscription option, which has been renamed Audible Premium Plus. For $14.95, Audible Premium Plus members will have access to the Audible Plus catalog and will also receive one credit a month which can be used for any piece of content outside the Plus catalog, regardless of price or length.

Amazon did not comment on The Verge report.