Rob Schneider Podcast

Entertainers like to entertain, so it should be no surprise to anyone to see big-name actors who want to host a podcast. The latest to take the plunge is actor and comedian Rob Schneider. He’s just launched See What Happens, a weekly podcast that features Schneider’s wife, actress-producer Patricia Maya, as his cohost. While the Hollywood couple says their show will “dissect” show business, they’ll also focus on topics that every other couple talks about, like their contrasting parenting methods, plus broader subject matter like good food and philosophy.

“I love in-depth conversations. Especially about inconsequential nonsense,” says Schneider. “I’m proud to be able to bring this nonsense to people who are stuck in traffic and need a good laugh!”

See What Happens soft-launched on June 18 and it is now publishing new episodes each week. It’s produced by David Tann with original music by Breed Music.

Meanwhile, fresh from a national comedy tour with Adam Sandler, Schneider is currently working with Nick Swardson and David Spade on the upcoming Netflix film “The Wrong Missy.”