Shirley Manson220

Sometimes musicians have more to say than what they write in song lyrics, and podcasting is increasingly a place they’re turning to express themselves. The latest act to launch her own podcast is Shirley Manson, lead vocalist of alt-rock quartet Garbage. The first episode of “The Jump” was published June 24 and new episodes will be released weekly.

In her limited-run seven-episode series “The Jump,” Manson breaks bread with Courtney Love, Perfume Genius, Big Boi, Neko Case, Esperanza Spalding, Karen O, and Dave 1. The focus of the show is on “moments in an artist’s career where they decided to take a leap into something new, and after that, nothing is the same,” according to the launch announcement. Each episode also focuses on a single song the artist has chosen that is especially meaningful—both in their personal life and for their career trajectory.

The show is a production of Mailchimp Presents, in partnership with Little Everywhere, a podcast production house and recording studio based in Los Angeles, founded by journalist Jane Marie and audio trailblazer Dann Gallucci. It also works with NPR on podcasts, including “Embedded” and “LeVar Burton Reads.” Executive producers on the show include Gallucci, Marie and Hrishikesh Hirway.

Scottish-born Manson commuted between her home city of Edinburgh and the U.S. to record with Garbage; she now lives and works in Los Angeles. Among the band’s biggest hits: 1996’s “Stupid Girl” and “#1 Crush,” 1997’s “I Think I’m Paranoid” and “Special,” 1999’s “When I Grow Up,” and 2002’s “Why Do You Love Me.”