Chuck and Julie

Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden, a husband and wife on-air team, are turning to podcasting after Salem Media Group fired the pair from Denver’s news/talk KNUS (710) after Boniwell said “a nice school shooting” would provide a break from the media coverage of President Trump’s impeachment proceeding. Bonniwell and Hayden are working with BBS Radio to create a show that when it launches on Wednesday will be live-streamed (5-6pm ET) and will then become available as a podcast.

Denver has been the scene of multiple mass shootings, including the Columbine High School massacre and the Aurora theater shootings, the latter which took place four miles from the KNUS studios. Bonniwell has since apologized for the comments, writing on Twitter that they were “inappropriate” and something he would “un-say” if he could.

“Violence causes too much hurt to victims and their families and we truly did not intend to add to that pain. We have covered every school shooting and tragedy since Columbine and witnessed the unbearable pain and grief felt by the victims, families and community,” they wrote on Twitter. “We've always tried to tell the truth straight up and be willing to talk about any controversy even when we are in the middle of it.”

Back on KNUS, Salem has since filled their timeslot with the Salem Network-syndicated “America First” hosted by Sebastian Gorka.