Here's Something Good

Never before has the daily news podcast needed a counterweight to stories with such gravity as the coronavirus pandemic and economic fallout dominates headlines. A new weekday morning podcast from the female-focused global leadership group Seneca Women and the iHeartPodcast Network aims to be that. The show is Here’s Something Good.

The podcast is hosted by Kim Azzarelli, a business, philanthropic and legal advisor and co-founder of Seneca Women. She says the podcast will share the news that has crossed her desk that will brighten listeners’ day. “Each day we aspire to bring you the good news – the silver lining, the glass half full – because there is good happening in the world, everywhere, every day. We just need to look for it and share it,” Azzarelli said on the show’s preview. “Here’s Something Good is a short, daily show that offers inspiring stories, helpful tips and shared experiences to motivate and inspire you every day,” she explained. Each episode of Here’s Something Good runs about five minutes.

The Seneca Women Podcast Network launched in January with the support of Procter & Gamble and last month it announced it had partnered with the iHeartPodcast Network to co-produce and distribute a slate of women-focused podcasts on subjects such as business, leadership, current events and health. Their stated goal is to create content that is inspiring, purpose-driven and actionable from a diverse range of women’s voices.

The alliance also features a broadcast radio component. Podcasts produced under the alliance will be part of the “Sunday Night Podcasts” series across iHeartMedia broadcast stations nationwide, exposing the stories to millions of radio listeners.

Conal Byrne, President of the iHeartPodcast Network, said it was part of iHeart’s effort to bring more women and other diverse creators into the mix of shows it offers. “Podcasting is a relatively new medium and, as such, we have a chance to build it the right way, with a fair balance of creators and voices, from the beginning,” he said.

Last month iHeartMedia set a goal of investing half of its production on new shows and slates to come from diverse creators, including women, African Americans, and Hispanics.