Ramsey Media, the expanding media empire with the financial advice radio talk host Dave Ramsey as its foundation, has launched another podcast. And it’s an idea that is tailor made to any talk radio broadcaster. The short-form podcast is the Ramsey Call of the Day, which will feature a single call from one of the network’s personalities, including Dave Ramsey as well as Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, Anthony ONeal and Dr. John Delony. The company says the new podcast is a quick, daily dose of advice on life and money delivered in less than ten minutes, five times a week.

“It’s imperative in the climate we’re in that we reach as many people as possible with our message,” said Brian Mayfield, Executive Vice President of Ramsey Media. “The Ramsey Call of the Day could be anything from an inspirational story of knocking out debt, to tips on how to deal with loss of income and making decisions in this current climate.”

The calls will not only focus on financial advice but also cover a wide range of topics that the hosts discuss, including marriage, leadership, retirement, business, career and personal growth. 

Ramsey Media reportedly has $10 million a year in podcast-related revenue.