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Four in ten people who don’t listen to podcasts say the available shows are just too long to capture a slice of their media day, according to Edison Research. A new Cadence13 offering could be one way for podcasters to address that challenge and bring more listeners into the medium. Yoga Girl Daily is a five-minute, five-day-per-week show that’s a spinoff of host Rachel Brathen’s weekly Yoga Girl: Conversations From the Heartpodcast which launched in 2017 and typically runs about an hour.

“We see an appetite for certain types of programming where there is demand for shorter versions and more repetition of original content for daily consumption, in addition to the weekly long form of a respective series,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer at Cadence13.

It’s the second high-profile, shorter-length podcast sibling launched by Cadence13 in recent months. In May Deepak Chopra, a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and a bestselling author, launched two podcasts: the 40-minute or so Infinite Potential in which Chopra uses stories and conversations to investigate what makes us conscious beings; and a second podcast in a short-form format called Daily Breath. It offers five-minutes of guidancedesigned to help listeners find moments of calm in a chaotic world. Exploring different themes, the meditations are designed to be restorative, reflective, motivational and uplifting for the mind, body and spirit. Every Friday culminates in a 10-minute meditation led by Chopra himself.

Corcoran tells Podcast News Daily he expects Cadence 13 will publish more shorter-length shows in the future. “If it fits our strategy for a respective series—current or new—and we feel there is enough demand and creativity to deliver, then we will study the marketplace and the audience and make the right call for how to develop the best show,” he explained. “We are as focused on scale as we are on making sure the creative vision can support a great short form/daily series. With Yoga Girl, Deepak Chopra and others, we’re confident we’re on the right path and delivering on that vision.” 

One upside for shorter-length podcasts is the content could be more smart-speaker friendly than a longer show. “Short form content like news and the weather on smart speakers is more efficient for listeners who can focus in on that content,” said Corcoran. “We’re doing that here with this type of inspirational, health and wellness content where listeners are on the move, but want to get in and get out quickly, with something compelling to start or end their day.”



In addition to her podcast, Brathen has become a bestselling author and a world-renowned yoga instructor, teaching workshops and leading retreats around the globe. She said she’ll use her podcast to continue with her mission to inspire millions every day.

“This new show will bring you snippets from me every single day. From Monday to Friday I’ll be offering nuggets of wisdom and clarity to help bring you through your week,” Brathen said in the show’s preview. She also told fans that each day will have a special theme from “From Make it Happen Monday” to “Feel-Good Friday.” 

That’s a bit different than on her weekly Cadence13 podcast, in which Brathen offers an intimate look into her life and inspiring journey. Every week, sometimes alongside special guests, she dives into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity, yoga and well-being.

Born in Sweden, Brathen lives in Aruba with her husband and daughter. Her latest book will be published next month.