Playlists can help listeners to streaming music services discover new songs. Now Soundstripe is borrowing that strategy as a way to help podcasters discover tracks they may want to use in their shows. Today it released several playlists of songs that are licensable for use by podcasters. The company says each track can be quickly licensed by using Soundstripe’s subscription-based model, which allows podcasters to pay a monthly fee for unlimited sync usages of the service’s catalog of exclusive production music. All tracks are written, recorded, and produced by Soundstripe’s team of composers, mix engineers, songwriters, producers and other music industry professionals. The genres include Top Hits, Let’s Talk, Corporate Cast, Energetic Intros and Electronic.

“The podcast industry is growing more and more every year, but we still hear horror stories about the lack of ‘podsafe’ music available for use in these shows,” said Travis Terrell, Co-Founder and co-CEO of Soundstripe. “It’s time to solve this problem once and for all so that podcasters can license high-quality tracks quickly and easily without worrying about copyright infringement. We’re confident that our new initiatives are a step in the right direction.”

Nashville-Based Soundstripe announced in September that it had raised another $2 million in investment financing, vowing the company would move deeper into the business of licensing music to podcasters. Soundstripe secured the financing from Craft Ventures just a few months after it had raised $4 million from other investors. This means the company that launched in 2016 will be able to expand its business beyond the production music space that has resulted in more than two million “micro-licenses” being issued to creators to date. Soundstripe has already been licensing its royalty-free music and sound effects library to podcasters.

In addition, Soundstripe has also become a podcaster itself, launching the bi-weekly podcast Keep Creating, which the company describes as a “show of good faith” as it enters the space. The podcast is hosted by songwriter Joel Porter, who is also a Creative Specialist at Soundstripe. It will feature in-depth interviews with creatives in a variety of fields in which they share some of their biggest creative wins and losses, all in the service of providing listeners with the inspiration, education, and tools they need to grow in their own unique pursuits. All songs featured in the podcast are available for licensing via Soundstripe, and are collected in this playlist.

Podcasters are also closely watching how a new service being created by SourceAudio and SoundExchange develops. The two companies are in discussions with record labels and music publishers, working to convince them to allow their titles to be included in If all goes as planned, starting in 2020 their service will offer a library of about 700,000 works.