Playlists will be more than just music on Spotify. In response to what Spotify says was a frequent request by users – and in the “true spirit of audio first” that was illustrated by its expansion into podcasting – the service will allow users to combine music and podcasts on the same playlist for a “mixed-media” experience. “Users can also set up a playlist of multiple podcasts in a row—perfect for a long drive or maybe a run—or integrate their favorite songs with news, comedy, or sports podcasts,” Spotify said in the announcement Monday.

The functionality isn’t yet available for Spotify’s desktop users. However the company says if a user creates a playlist that mixes both music and podcasts on their mobile device and then streams that playlist on their desktop, it will mix the two. “You just can’t make a playlist with a podcast in it from your desktop—yet,” it told users. 

Playlists can be time-consuming to make and most users don’t use the feature. But among those that do, Spotify said they have created more than one billion playlists to date.

Not only has the data shown that podcast listeners consume more music on Spotify, but the mix of spoken word content and music has allowed the company to offer products like Your Daily Drive. That’s the playlist feature it launched in June that combines a user’s music preference with news and talk podcasts. It’s been positioned as a way to “escape” from the need to toggle between multiple stations and podcasts. Along those lines Spotify VP Paul Vogel told an investor conference this month they have no plans to break music and podcasting from one another into freestanding listening apps.